Sunday, September 29, 2013

Twelve? How did that happen?!

Today I have been a parent for 12 years.
It seems ages and like a flash all at the same time.
In another 12 years time Abigail will be an adult, possibly living far away, possibly finished studying something, possibly married, possibly a MOTHER - scary!

This is the start of her last year as a child although in many ways she is a teenager already.
A t-shirt she recently chose says it all - "Please don't interrupt me while I'm ignoring you!" -at least it says please!!

Just like the last 12 years, this phase of self-consciousness and embarrassment about everything will pass too quickly. At the end of June next year she will be half way through her school career, probably not soon enough for her but way too soon for me.

Abigail's loves: 





 Abigail's "hates":


talking in public 
(how embarrassing!),



How did this toothless wonder 
turn into 
this "grown up girl"?

The past 12 years have been a wonderful, interesting journey; may the next 12 years be the same.

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