Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grant's op.

Yesterday Grant went in for a back operation - the 24th or thereabouts!
It was a discectomy (removing a piece of disc) and laminectomy (removing some of the lamina around the disc) and they also removed some electrodes that were in his back for pain control but no longer work. (He will have another short procedure on Thursday to remove the pacemaker which operated the electrodes.)

He is recovering in hospital now and doing a lot better than 24 hours ago. He was in good spirits this evening and has had a steady stream of visitors throughout the day!
The doctor is happy so far and hopefully after a few more days and probably quite a bit of physio he will be using his legs again. He willl be there for about another 8 days or so.
Some pictures from yesterday:
The long walk to ... the front door!

We were loaned this walker which was a HUGE help.

All decked out in his hospital pyjama's!

On the way to theatre.

Thank you to all those - near and far who have been helping, praying and supporting us during this time.

Student of the week.

Monday was a good day for Abigail to receive this:
for "good working habits and for being happy, confident, and reliable in the classroom. You are a pleasure to teach, Abigail".


Poor little hawk moth! It did survive though, Niave took it to school for show and tell and then released it.

Monday, May 3, 2010


No, not the most expensive property on the Monopoly board but a fun morning at Barkly House!
On Saturday, the 1st of May, we went to school! The reason: Mayfair. The much anticipated fair at Niave's school.
It was a good morning, plenty to do, plenty to buy and plenty to eat!!

There were games and crafts for the kids, tea and cake for the grown ups and a snake show too!
Some pictures:
Face painting - 1,2,3 butterfly!

Making a glittery bookmark.

The all-time favourite: Pony rides!

These were a huge hit: you put some blobs of paint onto a piece of paper, spin it as much and as fast as you can and you get a beautiful result!

Niave's turn.

And then you get to read all the books that were bought at the book stall!!

No pictures of the snake show unfortunately, I had a somewhat nervous 4 year old on my lap!! It was a good show though, informative and entertaining.