Tuesday, November 22, 2011

World of Birds.

Our last outing with Bev in the holidays was to the World of Birds in Hout Bay.

We were brave and took 4 children!

SO much to see for these animal lovers, we spent the whole day there.

I think Abigail and Willow would quite happily spend a week there, Niave not so much - you have never, and I mean never seen a child so terrified of a tortoise!

Marley could've spent all day talking to the parrots and cockatoo's who seemed very happy to have a willing audience.

Owls, beautiful and eerie all at the same time.

Various species that we met along the way.

Feeding the penguins (and a greedy gannet).

The majestic eagles/birds of prey.

The funny flamingo's!

And of course it's not all about the birds, there are enough other kinds of animals there for it to change it's name from the "World of Birds" to "The Hout Bay Zoo"!
A wallaby, mierkat, squirrel monkey, rooibok, terrifying tortoises and millions of guinea pigs (I think they were multiplying before our eyes!)

Four cousins and their Aunty!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Trip to Simon's Town.

I'm a bit behind on posts from the last holidays and it's almost time for the next holidays!!

While Bev was here we also took a train ride to Simon's Town with Abigail, Niave and Willow.

The train ride in itself was an adventure, we spotted quite a few whales on the way and got "stuck" at Fish Hoek for half an hour, but once in Simon's Town there was a lot to see and do.

First stop was The Salty Sea Dog, a family favourite restaurant which also goes by the names "The Hungry Bulldog" (Oupa) and "The Grumpy Bulldog" (Bev), by the time we finally got to Simon's Town, we were starving so we all gulped our lunch down (I discovered that Niave may be allergic to seafood as she came out in a little red patch with one spot on her neck after tasting the tiniest piece of baby squid - oh great, just what I need a fatal allergy in the family...will have to try and get her tested).

Anyway, I digress, after lunch we took a walk around Jubilee Square, admiring all the bead work on sale and saying hello to Just Nuisance.

Then we headed to the South African Naval Museum hoping to find out more about Just Nuisance but only found many other very interesting things (Just Nuisance was part of the Royal Navy so we found him in the next museum!)

In this picture Abigail is standing in a real Bridge with a simulated sea swirling around, I felt seasick!!

The helicopter in the picture below is real, life-size, quite impressive!

This museum was really very interesting, I hadn't thought it would grab the girls attention and keep it but it did, it is well worth a visit and I suspect that boys will find it even more interesting. How much?
And how's this for the toilet with the best view in the world? Seriously, this is the view from their toilet!!!

Still in search of Just Nuisance we plodded on to the Simon's Town Museum, home of the Royal Navy memorabilia, this was also a great little museum and best of all, lots of info about Just Nuisance!

The girls enjoyed looking at this gorgeous Victorian dolls house, after looking it over meticulously, Niave pipes up "where's the TV?"!!! Poor addicted child!

(This museum was also "free" however they did ask for a donation.)

Our task completed, and late in the day you'd think we'd take a right and head straight for the station, but no, we took a left, back into "Town" to find a spot for tea! It was worth the trek.

Finally we headed back to the station with 3 weary girls and 2 weary ladies!!

A fun day and full of learning too (not to mention the food!!)