Thursday, January 17, 2013


December was a mad month. Busy, busy, busy.
The first week of December is always manic with both the girls finishing off their school years as well as me finishing mine. That's 3 schools end of year activities in 1 week!
They each had a "concert" on the same day, Abigail had her drama showcase and Niave had her Nativity Play. It was quite a job juggling the 2 but we made it, well, most of us, Grant got stuck on the 3rd (or 4th) floor with a broken lift so he missed the whole lot!

Abigail introducing her groups skit.

Niave belting out her Christmas Carols!

When all the school events were finished it didn't get less busy...Niave was determined to get dressed up for her last year of Postcards, a 0 - 6 year old Carol Service at our church, having been 1 or 2 years as Mary and another as an angel she decided to go as the Star this time, I was quite chuffed with the fact that I threw a costume together in no time with just what we had at home! 
Mitchell (aka Joseph) and Niave - the Star of Bethlehem!

Two days later both Niave and Abigail took part in the Annual Carol Service at church. They had been practising for a good few weeks and it went very well.

Also that same weekend was cousin Marley's 5th birthday party, great fun at Roly Polyz and an hilarious magician who had the kids in fits of laughter!

For 2 years now I've been running an art workshop in the first 2 weeks of the holidays, with slightly older children - primary school age. The girls obviously took part as well and were kept very busy creating all sorts of things from pot plants to pet rocks to mosaic etc.
Budding artists at work!

We finished up just in time for my sister's arrival, and just when we thought the busy-ness was over...!