Saturday, December 31, 2011

Winding down 2011.

I've been pretty slack this last term about keeping the blog updated but here is a run down of all the things I've missed:
Niave's second Sports Day for which she was much happier than last year!

The Blue Team!

She also did her second ballet display on a stage in a big hall, it was very sweet and she did very well proving that she can listen and follow instructions!

Abigail's grade 3 Prize Giving for which she received a certificate for
"Good Progress in Literacy and Numeracy, Conscientiousness and Courtesy and Commitment to Sport"
(Above - Abs and Mrs. Bain, her teacher)

She also got to take part in her first Trading Day where they have to make something to sell at a craft-market type event.
She made decorated Alice bands

and scented felt pillows.

Niave was an angel in her nativity concert:

Abigail took part in her last Foundation Phase fun gala:

The last day of Grade 3 and Middle Group:

Another chance to be angel at the junior Carol service at church.

Christmas Tree 2011!

We finally got hear about the Volunteer Wildfire Fire-fighters Open Day in advance and had a wonderful morning doing "training" involving abseiling, riding on a fire engine, handling equipment, learning about snakes and helicopters etc. And got to see an amazing helicopter mock expedition.

I ran an Arts and Crafts workshop during the first two weeks of the holidays where they made all sorts of things like a canvas, a library bag, a tie-dye t-shirt, glass lanterns etc.

That pretty much sums up the last few weeks before Christmas! Still to come: Uncle Willies and the rest of the holidays...