Saturday, June 18, 2011

Picasso? Monet? Van Gogh? No! - Hutton!!

A couple of weeks ago I posted this drawing:that Niave did spontaneously one evening before bedtime.
She presented me with it while I was busy at the computer and went off to bed.
When I got back to the computer after reading stories etc. I happened to be browsing the Chaeli Campaign website which I hadn't looked at before.

It was then that I came across the "advert" for their Arts and Poetry competition with the theme "One Life: Mind, Body and Soul" and although it was past the entrance date by 1 or 2 days I really wanted to enter Niaves drawing as it was the first time either of them had drawn Grant in his chair.

I emailed and they got back to me first thing the next morning, judging was taking place that day so I had to get it there before 3pm!

Fortunately it was a Friday and I had a little gap between the end of my school and the end of theirs so I quickly stuck it onto a piece of black cardboard and delivered it ASAP!

I had wondered if there was going to be an exhibition and it was on my mind to call or email to find out where all the artwork could be viewed but earlier this week I had a call from them inviting us to the prize giving, but I was also informed that the invitation did not mean you were eligible to win a prize.

So today we headed for Chaeli Cottage and we were able to see all the artwork displayed and enjoy some juice and muffins!

I noticed a small purple dot on Niaves picture and some silver ones on others but not all the pieces had dots on them so I wasn't sure what that meant but once the proceedings started Niave was called up first to receive a commendation in the grade 1 - 3 category! I was amazed that she actually went up on her own although you can see the judge having a little chuckle at the fact that she has her dress in her mouth! The winner in each category won R500.00 so Abigail was really sad she didn't win that!!

Next year we'll definitely find out before the time and do some proper entries, I've already got some ideas up my sleeve!!

Here are some of the other artworks, there were many, this is just a tiny taste!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Niave-isms.

These two both in 1 day!

  • While trying to click her fingers: "I could do it but now my hands are buttered"! (slippery)

  • In a conversation about teabags (and with a lot of authority on the subject): "I just love boerewors tea"! (Rooibos tea)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Family Portrait.

Grant has been in a wheelchair since Abigail was around the age of 1, I've always wondered how they would draw him when drawing pictures of their dad at school or whatever - standing or in a wheelchair.
Abigail always draws him standing probably out of her desire for him to be "normal".
Niave just presented me with this family portrait:

So sweet!

Wheelchair Dancing!

Grant has recently become involved with the Chaeli Campaign which is an organisation that raises money for people with disabilities. They are helping him with his cycling etc.
They also hold craft classes, wheelchair karate and wheelchair dancing.

The dancing takes place on a Sunday afternoon, we've been a couple of times to check it out and this past Sunday Grant took part.

He had a lot of fun and is keen to try it out for a while. I left my camera at home so I tried to take pictures on my cellphone but the lighting wasn't good so they haven't come out too well, but here are 1 or 2 to give you an idea!

More on that when I have decent photo's.

After the dancing they've introduced drumming with a company called Red Zebra, anybody and everybody can join in so we did!

Niave chose a bongo drum and had a fabulous time drumming her heart out even though it was enormous for her! She also went up to learn a West African dance at the end - braver than me!

Abigail and I had an instrument called Gogo bells which was fun too.

We'll definitely go back for the drumming!