Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A surprise prize!

A few months ago Niave entered the Chaeli Campaign Art and Poetry Competition.

Last year she entered too and we were called to say when the prize giving was taking place and so we were there to receive her certificate.
This year however, I was unaware that the prize giving had taken place or that Niave had won a prize!!!
A couple of weeks ago I found out by chance that her envelope was awaiting collection at the Chaeli Campaign office!
On arriving home after collecting it, I had hardly stepped over the threshold of the front door when the envelope was opened revealing another certificate and R300.00!!!
A very happy little girl!

Her sister who had not entered despite my attempts to encourage her to do so, was not very impressed!! But 2013 may see 2 Hutton's entering the competition after all!

Niave had a happy time shopping, first up was, of course, a soft toy - Niaves absolute favourite, a Yoohoo friend has joined the clan, she also bought her sister a  Cadbury's Bubbly for her birthday. She has made a few other purchases and has only about R15.00 left to her name!! That money was so hot it burned a hole right through her pocket!!!


So, on Saturday Abigail turned 11. 
I can hardly believe it!!
It feels like a long journey and a short trip all at the same time!!
So, what can I say about Abigail? Well let's see if I can keep it short and sweet!

Abigail is...
A - An Aspiring vet. 
B - Beautiful.
I - Inquisitive.
G - a Greenie.
A - Almost a teenager.
I - Impossible at times!!
L - a Lover of Animals.

To celebrate her birthday she invited some friends around for pizza and DVD's, same as last year with one exception - last year I made the pizza but this year we ordered the pizza!

While they waited for the pizza to arrive, they played the Chocolate Game, chocolate was also a theme at this party as it is a favourite of Abigail's.
I haven't played this game in ages and it was hilarious and lots of fun, some consumed a lot more chocolate than others!!!

Abigail's current favourite movie is Soul Surfer, the true-life story of Bethany Hamilton, a 13 year old surfer girl who gets her arm bitten off by a shark. So that was watched first in between eating pizza and blowing out candles and devouring strawberries and marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate.
All in all a good time was had and a lot of tired girls were collected at 10pm!
Another successful party done and dusted!!!