Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Fudge Fiasco!

Last week the grade 4's had their Trading Day, like a market day, it is part of the curriculum, each grade has a turn to make and sell something.
This year that had to work in groups - who's idea was it to work in groups - ever?!
Anyway, we were given the unenviable task of making English Toffee to fall in line with the "England" theme that had been chosen.
After 1 so-so attempt at toffee we changed our choice to fudge, however that almost turned out more disastrous...
With the Trading day being on a Friday, we made our fudge on the Wednesday so that all we needed to do was package it the night before and there wouldn't be any stress - Hahahahaha, it didn't quite turn out that way!
First we carefully measured everything and then stirred and stirred and stirred and stirred some more until after about 45 minutes we assumed by the colour and consistency that it was "ready".

We poured it out into my beautiful new purpose-bought baking tray and put it aside to set.

It looked promising but the next morning I knew something was wrong when it needed to be spooned rather than cut out of the tray.
It looked like fudge, it tasted like fudge but it just wasn't fudgy like fudge.
Panic stations...this is THURSDAY, less than 24 hours before the event, there was only 1 thing to do - call in reinforcements.
In this kind of situation who would you call? You need to ask yourself that question, it's like "phone a friend" on Who wants to be a Millionaire, well for me there was only one person to call - my friend Lisa - the Queen of fudge and anything baked really!
Thank you Lord for friends who will ditch their afternoons plans to save your fudge!
Once again we stirred, for a very, very long time (and when I say "we" I mean "she"!)
Eventually we decided it was time to pour...don't ask me what we did differently, but it worked!
And don't ask me what I would've done if it had not worked, all you need to know is - it worked!

Due to the extreme stressfulness of the situation no photo's were taken by me, but I stole this one off Facebook! How do you like that bunting?!!

The Trading day was a success, she "sold out" which seems to be the mark of success!
Hooray for no more Trading days till 2013!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ballet Presentation 2012.

Yesterday Niave took part in her 3rd annual Ballet Presentation, possibly her last, the jury is still out on whether or not she is going to continue with it next year...
She did very well and almost made it to the end without an incident...almost, but just before the graceful curtsy she happened to notice her sister in the front row smiling and in true Niave style took great offence at the fact that she was "laughing" at her and front and centre stuck her tongue out to show her disapproval!
I wished that the chair I was sitting in could have swallowed me right then, but I realise that in a few years time it will be a funny memory.
We have this dilemma with Niave, she hates to be laughed at, and I do mean hates!
She cannot laugh at herself and gets very upset if she feels others are laughing at her. I am hoping and praying that she grows out of it soon but for now we persevere in trying to explain to her that we are not laughing at her.
But she is only 6 and I suppose this too shall pass and one day be a distant memory, can't wait for that day!
Anyway, some pictures...

I am amazed at all they can do when I think back to her first few weeks of ballet and how she couldn't even skip, and now she remembers all these steps and dances.
I really hope she carries on, I can see that she really likes it and actually I prefer it to modern dancing, and she has such a lovely teacher. After her session we stayed to watch the grade 1's and she was very impressed with what they did and seems more keen than before to continue. I live in hope!

Niave's last preschool Sports Day.

About a month ago Niave took part in her 3rd and final Barkly House Sports Day. Another opportunity for me to see just how much she has grown and matured in that time.
Below you will see 3 photo's, 1 from each year, as you will notice there is a vast difference between the one on the left and the one on the right!!

In her first year she had to be literally dragged around the field, moping all the way, whereas this year she went around unassisted and loving it!

The Older Group's race is a water race, they have to fill up a cup with water and then run to a bucket and pour it in! After watching the older children do it 2 years in a row, she couldn't wait to do it herself!

Next year she gets to be a small fish in a big pond again, but fortunately a pond with which she is very familiar!

The Waterfront Wheel.

In October we had the opportunity to ride on the Big Wheel at the Waterfront. It is Cape Towns attempt at the London Eye!! But MUCH smaller!
I wouldn't say I'm scared of heights but I do have have some issues...I was fine but a little tense!! Niave was totally freaked out but fortunately it wasn't that long a ride so she coped too.

The views:

A lovely outing and one that we hope to repeat minus Niave, plus Grant:-)