Saturday, February 8, 2014

Our First Official Camping Trip - hopefully the first of many...

This year I have decided that we will go camping!
This is not something we've done often, or in fact, ever.
In December that changed a little, we were invited to join my aunt and uncle for the last night of their Christmas camping trip at The Berg River Resort in Paarl.

Out of the kids I had 1 excited camper and one less excited (very reluctant) camper. Abigail does not relish the idea of new unexplored experiences!

The camp-site runs along-side the Berg River as the name suggests and is really beautiful.

Many hours spent relaxing in the river:

Niave loved the river - eventually, first had a small meltdown and then got over her "issues"!

There is a water-slide/supertube, they both loved that.

Our abode for the night.

Tea and a rusk - Niaves favourite pre-breakfast snack!

Abigail, although she won't admit it, enjoyed herself. 
Niave enjoyed everything except the bugs - major arachnophobe (and anything else that has more than 4 legs).

In a few weeks we're going to do another trip, 2 nights - whoo! We'll become seasoned campers yet!!