Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cross Country.

It sure has been a while! But seeing as online Scrabble has been destroyed I have a little more time to blog!!! I was ever so slightly addicted!

So lots has happened since my last post, Niave started grade 1 and so a whole new life of primary school and all that goes with it. It is amazing to me how different my children are! Experiencing grade 1 again has been totally different from first time round and "better" different so hooray!!

One of the big differences would be Niave's enthusiastic entry into the Cross Country team, Abigail wouldn't run if you paid her!!!

Now Niave is the child who, when walking leisurely through a forest, will start complaining about 3 minutes in, so imagine my surprise when she wanted to do Cross Country!!
She didn't really know what to expect first time around (neither did I) - it is a huge sport apparently, schools from everywhere converge on the venue each Friday afternoon, boys and girls and run their little hearts out.
Poor Niave nearly died the first time but her recovery time has improved dramatically since we've started training more regularly.
She has been very consistent, she comes second last every time!! But this has not deterred her, she wants to go back every week. 

She was starting to feel a little despondent after last Friday's race when lo and behold she was awarded with the Junior Cross Country certificate in assembly on Monday for "Dedication and Consistency" -they hit the nail on the head!!! Tomorrow is the last race for the term and she is rearing to go!

I didn't think I would very much enjoy spending each Friday afternoon (in winter) watching children run, but it has been fun, I've even met people that I haven't seen in years from all sorts of different schools, I love how it is so universal, schools from the most impoverished to the most "exclusive" take part and all you need is legs!

Maybe one day we'll be standing on the Two Oceans sidelines cheering for Niavie!!